Tuesday 26 February 2013

This & That

Not too much to report on my end. I still enjoy reading posts especially hearing that the Aussie couples I met in India are having wonderful pregnancies. That makes my heart smile!

We recently celebrated Chinese New Year with the family. Although I came to Canada when I was 3, I believe in carrying on some Chinese traditions especially those that involve family gatherings

Firstly, my daughter is doing well. Still pretty routine, not fussy, and being a great baby. Part of this is because I am a second-time parent so the things that might have worried me the first time around, don't have much impact on me now because you learn so much from the first child. She is almost 10 pounds as of this post and the only thing I'm having to deal with is her cradle cap, which will eventually go away so no worries on my end.

Secondly, my son continues to be a great big brother and helper, and wonderfully independent when I can't attend to him right there and then. School is going well and he's involved in more activities outside of home - his iPad is still his favourite toy. I am so proud of him and am amazed with his development. He is a tall 5-year-old (just turned in December), standing 47" tall. We all say this of our kids but my tall, sandy-blond, light-blue eyed, handsome boy will be a heart breaker.

Thirdly, I'm doing well. I can't say there's much stress on my end. I LOVE being off from work although I visit now and then especially lunch with my work friends. Parenting a second time around is "easier" in that you know what to worry about and what not to. The only thing I'm finding different is my tolerance for interrupted sleep - when my son was born, I was 36 and I found it very easy getting up every four hours to feed him. Fast forward five years later (now 41 and 42 next month), I'm still OK with interrupted sleep but definitely more sluggish than when my son was a baby. Every parent is different but I am getting older :) Of course, as a single parent, I don't have anyone to pass on late night duties but I never had so I don't know any better really.

That is a great segue into my next topic - will I have baby #3 and if yes, when? I have not read into details the new rules and regulations around surrogacy in India but as mentioned in a previous post, I will be bringing a surrogate with me to India. Well, I hope to - my previous surrogate is open to another journey with me so as long as she's willing to come to India and get implanted, it's all good. So right now, I plan on having baby #3 especially since I have 9 embryos remaining. When? I doubt it will be 2014 but never say never. It looks more like 2015 but we shall see.

I hope everyone in SCI Land is doing well and that everyone's parenthood dreams are coming true. I cannot wait to return to SCI in the future to try again. If I do win the lottery, I will surely be back there sooner than later! LOL!

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!