Saturday 27 July 2013

Can It Be True?

I am excited about a potential return to surrogacy in India. I am not sure where things exactly stand with singles but from what I gather, there's a window of opportunity. I have emailed SCI to confirm and I hope to hear good news from them soon. Although I was thinking about waiting before having my next child, there's a part of me that would like to try ASAP. Life is too short for me to wait for the ideal time - I would just make it work. I say this now especially because my daughter is a wonderful 6.5 month old and my son is an awesome 5.5 year old. If they were more work (aka high maintenance), the decision to have a third child NOW would be tougher to make. Also, if the window is opened again, who knows how long it will stay open. I will keep everyone updated and hopefully, I can announce with much excitement a happy return to the SCI family!

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!