Saturday 15 December 2012

5th Birthday Party

Five years ago (specifically, this past Thursday), my life changed forever and for the better. My son turned 5 this past Thursday - as mentioned, his birthday party was held today, Saturday. In previous years, I held his birthday party in late November because December is such a busy month for everyone but this year I decided to stick to the Saturday closest to his birthday.

For his first and second birthday party, I rented adjoining rooms in two different community centres. For his third and fourth birthday party, I rented an entire play centre. For this birthday, I went back to a community centre - the room I rented was for a maximum of 165. The party was small with only 11 kids (a few kids were sick and couldn't make it) but it was nice having the large space to ensure the kids had a lot of space to safely play. The adults also had a lot of fun. I rented four hours which included set-up and clean-up - it came with two party leaders who manned the arts and crafts table. They also pulled out the gym playground equipment including tables, chairs, decorations, and kid-sized, foot-powered vehicles. The room also had a stage up front and an adjoining kitchen. Since it was held after lunch, I only had some snacks (prawn chips, cookies, chips, mini bread sticks and cheese dip, pretzels, etc.) and beverages out (bottled water, fruit boxes, pop). Instead of cake, I decided to go with cupcakes with each letter of "Happy Birthday" on one cupcake. Four dozen cupcakes in total.

The balloon artist was great - she was advanced meaning she did more than the boring typical hat or sword. I've included a photo of one of my son's many balloons. The airbrush tattoo artist - who was also at my son's first and second birthday - was also great. Here's my son's cool spider tattoo. Kids went home with party favours in a plastic treasure chest they (or their parents) decorated with decorative jewels. Of course, my son received several gifts - as mentioned, we will go through the ones he wants to keep, donate an equivalent number of older toys, and donate the gifts he doesn't want. Yes, I don't believe in re-gifting. Overall, it was a long day but fun. Of course, what makes it special is seeing the smile on my son's face and the laughter coming from him.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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