Thursday 23 May 2013

Busy Life

Where has the time gone? Even though I'm taking 10 months off from work to be a full-time parent, there's so much to do especially being a single parent to a 5-year-old and now an infant. But it's all fantastic and honestly, not all that difficult. It's just busy... and mainly because (1) infants require a lot of wonderful attention and planning time and (2) my son is in preschool, and active in sports and the arts. Plus exposing my kids to the world - no matter their age - is important to me so vacationing/travelling adds a fun component to our busy lives.

Given this, I sense my posts will become very infrequent. Of course, I will continue to follow everyone's journey - it just makes my heart smile reading about the successes, current journeys, and upcoming journeys of fellow SCI clients. Being a parent is a right that everyone has, and SCI provides that opportunity through its program.

Although there are rare moments when I ask myself if I really want a third child, I am hopeful that one day that will happen. If my Indian surrogate did not miscarry, it would be about this time that I would have started preparing for a trip back to India. There is some sadness when I think about that but I truly believe, what is meant to be, will be. Like many others, I look forward to reading that India is re-opening its doors to singles (and gay couples) so I can try again with my remaining embryos.

Until then, I have many things to look forward to such as my son's first day in Kindergarten and of course, my daughter's first steps, words, etc. Plus life is really awesome - great friends and family, and a very comfortable and stress/drama-free life. I am truly blessed.

So as they say, it's not goodbye but until next time. I will definitely be back WHEN plans for child #3 is in the works... and I have a positive feeling it will be with SCI again. Thanks to all who have been supportive and all the best to everyone! And believe me when I say - dreams can come true!

As usual and for one last time... thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!



  1. I have always enjoyed reading your blogs, and I'm hopeful the doors to Indian Surrogacy and SCI will reopen soon so you and others will get to expand your family. Wishing you all the best with the two little ones :)

  2. You will be missed. I hope you and your children are well. I appreciate your kind words. They have been an uplifting source for me. Thank you.

    Until the next post,

  3. Your voice and contribution have been appreciated by me and I'm sure many others. We all understand the demands of real life take priority over blogging. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family!

  4. Your blog is so unique in our world. You were able to compare and give insight into the differences of this journey on the home front and abroad. You write with such depth and compassion, and I have enjoyed every word. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I too have enjoyed following you on your journey. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best!

  6. Hi , I have really enjoyed following your blog. My husband and I are going to proceed with SCI , and would love the opportunity to ask you a few questions about your experience there. If you could please email me at ,we would really appreciate it.

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