Wednesday 7 August 2013

Not Looking Good But...

I was just made aware of these two articles - thanks, guys! Again, it's hard to trust anything out there but it's info nonetheless.
India's draft surrogacy Bill bars homosexuals, live-in couples
No surrogacy for foreigners: tough new rules planned

However, another blogger found this video that is encouraging and refreshing to hear.
Are new surrogacy laws discriminatory?

Although I have kept (and still keep) my hopes high (and expectations low) about India, I have explored other options in the meantime. I know I don't want to wait too much longer (as initially desired) so I'm hoping to get preggo in early 2014. Unless India surrogacy law changes in my favour as a single individual, the plan is to try for child #3 with my previous surrogate.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you.


  1. Surrogacy for singles is dead. Indian clinics are setting up elsewhere, the rest are making people keep on hanging on with false promises of hope and supposed information they have from "behind the scenes". BS, clinics get all their information from the media same as the rest of us. You have limited time frame for Thailand, due to impending Surrogacy Laws, you can risk Mexico. Don't wait too long for Thailand due to impending Surrogacy laws which ban commercial surrogacy. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Meg! You've been wonderful! This is very sad news and VERY ILLOGICAL (other words come into mind). I'm done with international surrogacy. I will be trying again here in Canada - I'm glad that I have that option. It will take a little while to process the end of my journey in India. I still think India is a wonderful option for foreigners who meet their requirements. Cheers!

  2. Grrrr that makes me so mad , especially the comment on surrogates being treated badly and forigners not looking after the children right, we just got a bfp with sci after 18 yrs of miscarriages and failed ivf the surrogate is our angel and our babies will be treasured , why are those in authority trying to punish those of us who struggle our lifetimes with infertility and also wonderful surogates who give us this gift and the payments help them improve their lives and their childrens , it dosnt make sense and only causes additional worry and stress for all of us involved in the situation.

    1. It's hard but I try to tell myself, not to logic the illogical. All I know is that I love my kids more than life itself, and my surrogates were always treated well. I also would have never signed up with SCI if I felt their surrogates were being mistreated. So I agree with you completely. I also understand it's their country, people, and laws. All the best - I'm super-excited for you!