Saturday 4 August 2012

Cathay Pacific Chosen

I was originally hoping to use my points - I subscribe to many point programs - to book my flights. Unfortunately, I'm going during a busy week so availability was extremely limited. I had the opportunity to be placed on waiting lists but I obviously needed to have a guaranteed flight. Maybe I will get to use these points when picking up my baby in the future! So the search was on for the best prices out there.

There are several carriers but price and timing limited my options. I checked online but couldn't find a reasonable deal based on my budget and expectations. To clarify, although cheaper, I did not want to fly with any of the China airlines. I finally contacted a travel agency that specialized in (but not limited to) flights to India. In the end, I chose Cathay Pacific with dates and times that fit the treatment schedule. It was a good deal considering it's Cathay Pacific. I'm now thinking about paying extra for the exit row seats for the first leg from Vancouver to Hong Kong, and for the last leg from Hong Kong to Vancouver. They are long flights! I can't believe I leave on Saturday, September 1!

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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