Monday 6 August 2012

Where to Stay?

I'm in the midst of researching and finalizing a place to stay during my first visit to India - good chance it might end up being the same place when I return for baby pick-up... thinking positive of course. SCI has forwarded many options and I have read several reviews by vacationing and business clients as well as surrogacy clients. One option that was not on the list but has been mentioned by previous SCI clients is the Svelte Hotel - and this is the one that might just be the winner. It's not as close to SCI and is more expensive but it might be the winner for me.

First of all, it has all the amenities and services I'm looking for during my initial and subsequent stay in Delhi. Check the hotel at Also, because I plan on staying 5 nights, there is a 15% discount (any bit helps) and it includes buffet breakfast assuming I am brave enough to try the food. Another big plus is that the hotel is connected to an air-conditioned modern mall. No hotel is perfect but the reviews I have read are overwhelmingly positive. The downsides? Internet is not included in the Executive Suite. Airport transfers are also not included but that has been set up by SCI for a cheaper rate.

I will provide an update when I finalize my choice.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

Update (August 9):  I booked the Svelte Hotel via the I Prefer program. It's free to join and you can get some cool benefits. I advised the Svelte contact that SCI provided about my I Prefer program and after giving him my confirmation number, I will be getting complimentary internet. In theory, I should also get a complimentary room upgrade if available - the Svelte contact didn't mention any upgrade even though I brought it up, possibly because availability is determined at check-in. However, I have read a few blogs where I Prefer members have arrived, told there was nothing available, but found on the contrary when they checked online when they got to their rooms. Not sure if I will push it but will probably ask at check-in nonetheless. As a single person, I really don't need the upgrade but I might ask to see the other suites in the event I return to Svelte during baby pick-up and require more space (e.g., if someone comes to help me out).

Finally, I did get the 15% discount and will be receiving a complimentary buffet breakfast. When you book online, it asks you if you would like certain options, which included buffet breakfast and internet. I didn't select either because they were going to be complimentary. Airport transfers are cheaper via SCI as well so I didn't select that option.

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