Friday 18 January 2013

Day 6 of Life

Isabelle is now 6 days old and I basically have gotten used to her routine. She only cries when she is hungry and usually when she has a wet/dirty diaper. I say usually because those darn diapers are so absorbent these days. Good for now but not so good when toilet training. She is not fussy at all. Similar to her brother, she is very laid-back unlike their dad. OK, I'm laid-back about unimportant things but not so much with important things.

I'm getting over a one-day fever probably due to lack of sleep. At least it's not the nasty flu/cold that has been plaguing so many people. I still have to get my flu shot although I'm technically allergic to eggs. My son just got his flu shot plus his 4-6 year old immunization shots - he was such a trooper. He is an awesome big brother, helpful as always but independent enough that he can play on his own when I'm busy with his sister. Of course, he's 5 years old so not unexpected.

I am putting my SCI dreams on hold. I still have 9 embryos remaining and hopefully in the future, I can have the opportunity to try to have baby #3. I will most likely bring over a surrogate and implant her with the embryos but we shall see. Part of this depends on whether there will be drastic changes to surrogacy laws in India to prevent me from bringing baby home. For now, I am very blessed to have a wonderful son and now a wonderful daughter.

Unlike her blond and blue-eyed brother, Isabelle looks more biracial - funny how genetics can work. In fact, she looks like my sister combined with my son as infants. Also, I'm not a fan of pacifiers nor was my son but with my daughter, I use it when changing her and especially while she waits for formula - she's very happy to have it while she waits.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my life with you!


  1. SO wonderfully precious! Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Oh...thx for sharing! Biracial girls are very cute...hmmm think...Maggie Q! Your baby girl will be a heartbreaker! Lol

    1. Not sure if that is a good thing for dad! LOL! I will have to watch out for the boys! But I guess this day and age, I should also watch out for the girls who have an eye on my son. LOL! I know - as if I have any choice in the matter! :)