Monday 3 September 2012

Quicker than Expected

The trip over to India felt a lot quicker than expected - a big positive. I had actually returned Friday evening from a work trip - I landed at 10pm, headed to the office to tie up a few things before my trip, went to the supermarket at 11:30pm to pick up some snacks for my trip, and then headed home to start packing. Saturday morning was quite hectic as well but after saying goodbye to my son (first time I will be away from him for more than two consecutive nights), I got to the airport in good time. In fact, my flight was delayed by 25 minutes to 3:25pm; however, this was made up in the air. The only things I forgot were two pair of shorts and one t-shirt I left in the dryer. No big deal.

The 13-hour flight to Hong Kong was very good - mainly helped by watching a few movies: Prometheus, Brave, Battleship, and Snow White & the Huntsman. There was a seat between my window seat and the aisle seat. I spent some time listening to music and sleeping. The food was decent - it's airplane food - but good ice cream. Some odd behaviour mainly from people who probably don't fly too often. It was a quick transfer to the next flight. The 6-hour flight from Hong Kong to Delhi was uneventful - I watched two movies that I've seen before: The Avengers and Cabin in the Woods. One interesting note - before landing in Delhi, the crew sprayed the cabins with an approved pesticide. They do warn you ahead of time but I've never experienced that before. Landed on time - I was finally in Delhi!

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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