Friday 24 August 2012

Release the Hounds

OK, maybe not just yet. What am I referring to? Well, a friend of mine asked me why I have not tried to increase the traffic to my blog or share my blog with more people like other SCI clients. I didn't really have an answer except I questioned whether anyone would want to follow my blog. Plus I'm sure there are several SCI clients who do not blog their journeys.

Would anyone want to follow someone who already has a child plus another bun in the oven? I guess my unique situation could be intriguing to some. I also know that many SCI clients share blogs for support so that's a great reason for proactively exposing my blog to more individuals. Also, would people think I'm being too greedy? I hope that people understand why I'm doing what I'm doing now even if it's not something they would do - as explained in my first post. Yes, I know - don't worry about what other people think. Finally, I would hope that no matter how many kids you currently have, people would support each other throughout their journeys. I'm probably over-thinking it but I will share my blog with a greater audience after I return from my trip to Delhi.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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