Monday 29 October 2012

Declaration of Parentage

This post focuses on declarations of parentage on home soil as my second child will be born here in Canada. My apologies for those expecting a post on this process in India. I should note this process varies from province to province so the following process applies to the province where my daughter will be born. You must choose a lawyer in the same province where your child will be born.

As we approach the third trimester, it is time for my lawyer to start preparing all the documents for the court application, which she will immediately bring after the birth. My lawyer will obtain the consent of my surrogate to act for all of us and will provide her with detailed instructions about what to have her physician record in the chart.

Immediately after the birth (or within a day if it is a c-section), the lawyer will send someone to the hospital to obtain the sworn evidence that she requires for the court application. That person will also assist in filling out the hospital forms, which will have me as the father and the surrogate as the mother (or other "parent" as it is known in other provinces). At that point, I will be free to leave the hospital with my baby and return to my province (subject to medical approval) - although I plan on staying a week or so before flying back. Vehicle is an option but the winters in the birth province are legendary so the sky is safer than the roads.

Within a day or so of the birth, the lawyer will bring the court application, the purpose of which is to have the surrogate removed as the "mother" on the birth registration form and to replace the form with only me as my child's parent. Once the lawyer has the court order (normally in about 2-3 days), she will send it to Vital Statistics, who will be expecting it and who will not have registered the form, which states that my surrogate is the mother. They will register the new form (which I will have signed in the hospital in front of my lawyer's assistant) and once she has confirmation that has been done, I will order a birth certificate and be shown as the only parent of the child on that document.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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