Friday 12 October 2012


Growing up, we travelled more frequently than most families I knew. Whether it was a road trip or a flight across the globe, I have very fond memories and photo-memories of our family time. Because of this, I have taken my son to various destinations around the world - starting when he was just 3 months old - to start creating our own memories and photo-memories.

One comment that I got and sometimes I still hear but ignore is, "Is he too young to remember anything?" It's an odd question to ask in my opinion. For one, the travel is not just for him but for me too. Secondly, the real-time experience of being together and having fun is as valuable if not more valuable than the future memory. Also, who says we can't vacation there again and again and again for many years to come? Finally there is a precious window when our kids will want to vacation with us so take advantage of those years as much as we can!

I do understand why some may ask this question based on their own experiences and views on vacationing. For me, showing my children the world and sharing that with them as long as they will allow me, is a priority of mine. I now just need to win the lottery so I can have unlimited time to travel! I will say, I envy my European friends - although I make time and ensure I have a healthy vacation budget, I wish I could visit several countries and cultures in a shorter period of time and for a greater bang for the buck, like they can. Sure I have North America and I have my favourite places to visit but I assume there are more diverse cultures in Europe versus North America.

After saying that, I am off to Disneyland  tomorrow (Saturday). It's our second trip to Disneyland this year but this time around, Carsland is opened and it's a final trip for us boys before a little lady comes into our life in early 2013. It's been a crazy week at work so looking forward to our one-week adventure. I just need to finish up the packing tonight. I will be refreshed when I return next week - the final few months before baby #2 arrives will be extremely busy at work. Next week, I will also be returning just in time for my first frozen embryo transfer! So wishing that it works this time around!

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!


  1. I think it is incredible to be able to share these experiences with your son. Have fun!!!

  2. Thanks! In reality, my son has been a positive influence on me. I was a chicken when it came to certain attraction rides and still am but because my son loves them and is a taller-than-average 4-year-old, he has allowed me to gain my confidence wings per se. I love Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run - I'm going to try a few other rides this time around, which we skipped on our first trip. Still avoiding the crazy roller coasters :) That I know I will get motion sickness.