Wednesday 5 September 2012

India Luxury Homes

After my Greek friends were finished with the husband's donation, I went back with them to the India Luxury Homes where they were staying. It's not too far from both the ISIS Hospital Clinic and Hospital. I took some photos which I have included at the end of this post.

In my opinion based on the apartment my friends were staying in, it's a nice space. Clean, well air-conditioned, well-decorated, and had all the amenities including a washer/dryer. Of course, it's very affordable relative to the Svelte Hotel. Putting aside price, the Svelte Hotel has various room options that are just as open and then some for the larger rooms - the larger rooms are expensive of course. I recommend you read up on everyone's blogs to get a good sample of perspectives and opinions but for me, I think it would work as a place for an initial visit. Sure you cannot just walk out and find the types of shops and restaurants like you can here at the Svelte Hotel but you can make car trips to these shops to avoid cabin fever. This of course is not a factor for those who want to cocoon themselves for their entire stay.

However, for me, for baby pick-up, I prefer the Svelte Hotel. First of all, although it's not a major deal, there are a few flights of stairs at the ILH - no elevator. So it's not as convenient when you have to take a baby stroller up and down the stairs during any trips out. Plus you have to be comfortable holding a baby while walking up and down the stairs. Secondly, if you do run out of something, it's not as convenient as going into the mall and visiting one of the stores (e.g., food marts or baby store) - of course, this can be avoided by stocking up on items. Also, given who I am, I could not stay in a room or apartment day in and day out with baby so having the mall connected to the Svelte Hotel is a big positive for me. Yes, you can easily pack up baby and drive out to the mall from ILH but for me, I like the convenience of just walking baby out the door. Security-wise, I also like the fact that there are a lot more people around including security personnel in and around the Svelte Hotel and mall. I appreciate that can be negatives associated with plaes where large numbers of people congregate but for me the positives outweight the negatives.

In the end, if you can afford it, I highly recommend the Svelte Hotel. ILH is a great option as well so not advising against it but for me, the Svelte Hotel is my choice for baby pick-up. I have not visited the other accommodations so again, check out the blogs and ask those who have stayed there to get information so you can make the right decision for yourself and baby.

Thank you to my Greek-Oz friends for letting me take photos of their place. Theirs is a two-bedroom (with ensuite in each) separated by a full kitchen, dining area, and livingroom.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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