Thursday 6 September 2012

Inside Delhi Airport

Once I reached the entrance of the Delhi Airport, I was greeted by an armed guard/security officer. He asked me for my name and boarding pass - in my case, I showed him my cell phone with the e-boarding pass. If you do the same, just ensure your cell phone is fully charged. He then asked specifically for my flight number, which he conveyed to the other guard who brought me a list of passengers for my flight. I looked through the list and showed it to the first guard. He checked it against my passport and I was in.

Because I wanted hard copies of my boarding passes, I then went to Cathay Pacific to check in one bag and got my boarding passes for both legs of my flight. After that, I went towards the security check for international flights - ensure you fill out the "Departure card for passengers" before you line up. The card is similar to the entry card you filled out when you arrived in the country. Also, remember to put on a baggage tage for anything you bring on board - this is something that I am not required to do on my domestic flights back home and don't recall with my international flights so I didn't do it nor did they say anything when I went through security. The result was I couldn't board the plane. I will talk more about this later. Anyway, I got through customs quickly as well as security - take out all electronics and metals. It appeared that all women (including airline staff) must be escorted by a female security staff member into a private curtained room to be padded down I assume. This could have been required during arrival but I don't recall.

After that, I hung out in the waiting area. I was very tired given the time of the night but was able to stay up. When it came time to board the plane, I was asked to step aside because my carry-on bag did not have a security-stamped baggage tag - it's just one of those regular address tags, which they stamp when you go through security. As mentioned, I didn't know this nor was I informed when they checked my bag at the security check. So they had a security officer go through my bag, passed me an unused tag, and stamped it. It didn't really take that long or wasn't a big deal but it was something that was unnecessary. So make sure you have a tag on any carry-on items.

Anyway, battery is dying and I checked in my charger. In summary, the flights have been quite uneventful and going by quickly. Next post will be when I'm finally HOME! I also am anxious to hear back regarding the number of eggs that fertilized and their individual grading.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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