Tuesday 25 September 2012

Onwards & Upwards

Off to the races again! If all goes according to plan, the frozen embryo transfer (FET) will happen October 18-20. Hoping that the second time around will result in a BFP - not only for myself but for my Aussie friends. Both couples are having two surrogates this second time around so my wishes, thoughts, and prayers are with them for one or more babies!

Talking about Oz, I have shared my baby #2 news with my relatives in Perth, who we are close to. They are asking us to visit Perth in 2013 - how fun would that be! This time around, I would have a reason to visit Sydney and Melbourne! Never been there before. I took my son to Perth when he was 3 months old and granted he was a great plane baby but at least I know what to expect flying such a long distance with a baby.

Regarding the FET, I was asked about my chances with frozen transfer versus a fresh transfer. Statistics aside, I know many couples and singles in the surrogacy community that have been successful and unsuccessful with both. If I have one piece of advice, I would say, try your best not to worry or think too much about this - whether it's a frozen or fresh attempt, it's one step closer to having a baby. My baby on the way is a result of a FET using five-year old frozen embryos. I had two frozen embryos remaining, luckily both successfully thawed, and one stuck. I believe 13 years is the longest that a embryo has been frozen that has resulted in a birth of a baby.

Anyway, life carries on. Work is busy at this time of the year especially with business plans being developed for next year and the fact that I will be on leave with baby #2 next year. Slowly but surely also preparing the home for the addition of my daughter. I don't have a lot of extra stuff (aka junk) in my house especially with the large-scale renovations last year but I do have one room to make into more of an efficient storage space. I have several plastic containers containing my son's baby and toddler clothes so I will go through them and take out anything gender-neutral and store the rest in that room. With my upcoming two-week vacation, I will take some time to get that all organized.

Also, just planning the details of our upcoming Disneyland trip. I appreciate some people show up to the happiest place on Earth and just go with the flow but to maximize our time there, I will plan our days out again like our first trip there in May. This time around, we will skip some rides and attractions but also try out some new ones... as long as I have the courage to do so! LOL! My son loves speed and fast movement so he's been a great influence on me to try different things. Children make so many positive changes in our lives that we don't expect or anticipate.

Anyway, a few weeks until FET - excited but grounded as usual. I trust Dr. S and her staff to do their best and help me complete my family. Fall is here in Vancouver - my favourite season - but it's been a summer-like September so far. Not complaining at all.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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  1. All the best for a bfp on your next try.
    Ian & David