Thursday 6 September 2012

Hotel to Delhi Airport

Just arrived in Hong Kong so I have a few hours before my flight. Given this, I am spending the time in the Traveller's Lounge (West Hall) to have a nap, shower, and a bite to eat. The last time I was here was when I took my son to Perth, Australia when he was just three months old. The lounge is not for everyone but it's a nice break before I take on the final 12-hour leg of my flight back home to Vancouver. Their prices are pretty good for what you get.

So to continue from my last post, checking out of the Svelte Hotel was pretty simple - it took a little longer than expected but that's because they caught an error on my hotel statement. I was charged for internet but as an I Prefer member, I get internet complimentary. No harm in signing up if you have not already done so - it's free and if you're staying at the Svelte, it's one less cost.

Before getting into the car, I left a tip for the cleaning staff and handed a tip to the bellman who was the same guy who took my bag up to my room and explained everything to me on my first day at the Svelte. The driver was punctual as usual - I asked him to pick me up at 11pm for my 2:30am flight. The drive to the airport was a quick one and it was nice catching up with him again - he is the owner but also a driver himself. Except for the phone calls to schedule rides, we only saw him during pick-up from the airport. I complimented him on his drivers and continued to chat about this and that. He asked about our experiences at the Taj Mahal specifically about the driver - I spoke very highly of our driver. However, since he wanted more feedback, I also mentioned our experience with our tour guide. He apologized for Jack's behaviour as he saw it as a bad reflection on him and said he would discuss it with him. My intention was not to get Jack in trouble but to share feedback and better the interaction and relationship between Jack and future clients going to the Taj Mahal.

Also, being the "knowledge whore" that I am, I asked my driver something my fivesome was talking about earlier in the day. I had an idea of the answer because my ex-boyfriend was of East Indian decent but I asked to confirm. Why do boys and men hold hands in India? He confirmed that it's something normal and a sign of friendship and not a gay relationship as is the case in Western culture. I also asked about the police and found out that if you have money, you can bribe them with very little worry. I also learned that they must pass a physical and knowledge test, and given the physical component, many police officers are from the army because they are fit. However, he adds that they become "fatties" once they become police officers, which made me chuckle.

Once at the airport, I paid my bill for the rides I accumulated during my stay in Delhi, and gave the driver a healthy tip. After saying good-bye, I headed towards Entrances 5 and 6 - these are for international flights. I will write about what happens next in my next post - you often here about the complicated process of getting back into the airport for check-in.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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