Monday 3 September 2012

Meeting Dr. Shivani

My first full day in Delhi started out well - I had a good sleep so I felt quite refreshed in the morning. The day started out with a breakfast buffet (opened 7:00-10:30am), which came free with my stay at the Svelte Hotel. I think this depends on how long you're staying or the deal you receive. There's a decent selection of breakfast foods, which includes a fresh omelette. I then met two couples from Australia for coffee in the mall - one staying at the Svelte as well while the other is staying at the Luxury Homes. The couple says that although it's nice inside, the Luxury has very little around it so they will not be returning there for baby pick-up. The couples are wonderful people and I spent most of the day with them. It's great connecting with people who are going through the same journey with SCI.

The driver then took me to the clinic. In the lounge, I met a guy from Israel and started talking. Every person or couple you meet (whether in person or online) has a personal story and in the end, we all have the same dream and have chosen Dr. S to help us to fulfill that dream. Dr. S was running late but I eventually met the famous Dr. S. She is very pleasant and went through the process, timeline, etc. for my surrogacy with me. Embryo transfer planned for Saturday, September 8 - I advised Dr. S that she can select the surrogate for me since she is the medical expert. She also talked about the clinic followed by a tour. I met all the staff who are a pretty friendly group of people. Overall, it's a well-organized, well-run, clean, modern-decorated clinic. It's too bad there are idiots out there who are bad-mouthing SCI and Dr. S - don't believe everything you read!

My driver then took me to the Isis Hospital which is nearby. It is also a clean environment - I basically filled out a form and was escorted into the donation room. It's a clean room with access to the internet on a laptop, TV with straight porn, and connected to a washroom. It has bolts for the doors so it's very private. After providing my sample, I advised the reception and my driver took me back to the Svelte Hotel. Before going in, I had to make a pit-stop at the KFC across the street for a light snack as I was feeling a little light-headed. I then rested in my room until the couples dropped by and we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe in the mall for dinner. We got some groceries on our walk back to the hotel and retreated for the night.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

Update (September 3): I received an email with a profile of my surrogate. I am happy with the selection - she is in her early twenties, married, and already has children of her own. Crossing fingers!


  1. Sounds like a GREAT start! The whole SCI team are really wonderful, and meeting them in person truly helps put alot of fears to bed. Best of luck for a successful transfer!

  2. Thanks, Kerrie! It's been amazing so far - looking forward to the 2ww!