Wednesday 5 September 2012

Second, Final, Fresh Donation

Time has flown by here - the main reasons for that have been the two awesome Aussie couples who I have become friends with. We have such fun conversations while sharing our individual but similar experiences with the various stages of our initial visit to India and SCI. A big thank you to them for making this trip a memorable one!

On Wednesday, I got up early (again) so decided to go down early to have breakfast with my new tall friend from Oz. Before doing so, I Skyped with my 4-year-old as well as my mom, sister, and 3-year-old nephew. My parents are looking after my son while I am away. After breakfast, I headed back to the room to catch up on a few work emails before going to the ISIS Hospital to make my second, final, fresh donation scheduled for noon. Given my schedule, I only provided two samples - one frozen and one fresh. I was a few minutes late given the traffic nearby the hotel. Along the way, being a visible foreigner, you will have what appears to be homeless children or mothers approach your car for money. There are also vendors that walk through the traffic when stopped at red lights but they don't hassle you.

Once at the ISIS Hospital, I again was led to the donation room - asked to write my name on the sample container and envelope, and once I had finished to place the container in the envelope, leave it on the bed, and advise reception. I provided my sample fairly quickly *insert applause here*. My new Greek friends from Oz were scheduled right after me so I waited in reception with the wife while hubby did his thing. We also met a gay couple from Australia waiting to provide their donation.

I decided to take a few photos of the donation room - it was something I was curious about prior to going to India. Was it similar to the donation rooms back home? Given my previous surrogacy experience, I knew the typical set-up but what would it be like in India? As mentioned in a previous post, as you enter the room, you see a bed, chair, and laptop with access to the internet. In front of the chair, you face a wall-mounted TV with straight porn movies. To the left of the chair is a door that leads to a washroom. Overall, I found it to be a very clean room and it's private - just remember to dead bolt the main door and check to ensure the door in the washroom that leads to the hallway is also bolted. But they remind you to do this as well.

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!

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