Saturday 22 September 2012

Results Are In

The two week wait went by pretty quick. Work is busy especially given that I plan on taking a full year off from work when baby #2 arrives in late January. Plus it was just one of those time periods at work when everyone needed to talk to or help from Human Resources. I do enjoy my job in many ways but being the main HR guy for a growing company of 850 employees can be much at times.

Outside of work, I'm also busy with the usual parenting duties, cleaning/organizing the home (especially with baby #2 coming), typical errands, volunteering, etc. I'm actually off to volunteer at a centre after this post, preparing and serving breakfast to the less fortunate with a bunch of work colleagues. Should be fun! Also, been planning our second trip to Disneyland year and finally got that booked. I took my son early this year in May but now that Carsland is open plus that this will most likely be our last time taking a trip together as a two-person family, I thought it would be a nice vacation since I'm off for two weeks' vacation anyway.

So yes, it was a quick two-week wait but the results are in! Well, it didn't work out this first time around. Disappointing news for sure and Dr. S said she would contact me to chat more. I did respond back to her, thanking her for her sentiments. Although it is not the news I wanted to hear, I also appreciate that even in the most ideal conditions, the final hurdle cannot be controlled and it's up to mother nature to help us out.

So I asked Dr. S how soon can I start the frozen embryo transfer - this may depend if I work with the same surrogate. Again, time is of the essence for me as I would like to ideally have baby #3 when I'm off on my year-long parental leave with baby #2. I'm also wondering if I should just bite the bullet and go with two surrogates this time around. No guarantees of course but potentially higher (not high) probability of getting pregnant. Topics I will chat with Dr. S about. Of course, her and her staff were very supportive in delivering the disappointing news.

That's it for now - off to volunteer but will keep everyone updated with next steps!

Thank you for letting me share this part of my world with you!


  1. I am sorry it didn't work out, but I think it’s great that you’re focusing on volunteering and planning trips with your son. Best of luck with the frozen transfer!

  2. Sorry to hear you got a BFN, but good to see you have a positive attitude about the process and you're looking to the future. Best of luck in your decisions!

  3. Thank you for the support. I'm looking forward to the FET. It's definitely not an easy road but when you reach your destination, it is so worth it!